What is the best policy?

The best car insurance for you is not the best car insurance for anybody else. Neither is it necessarily the best choice on every occasion you need to buy a policy because your circumstances change; you get older, more experienced, get a new car, move house, maybe even (although hopefully not) pick up the odd accident or traffic conviction along the way. Car insurance has moved on, too; nowadays you can buy short term cover for as little as a single day as well as yearly policies, and a growing trend is for vehicles to be equipped with tracking devices which monitor driving habits, mileages and the times of day when the car is driven, with premiums being based on this data. It seems that driverless car technology is now reaching a stage at which we may have no need to drive our vehicles ourselves at all, which will cause a new revolution in the insurance market. So, the best policy, like the best insurer, does not exist; just the best ones for particular people under particular circumstances. And how do you define the term "BEST" - the cheapest, the one that gives you the most cover, the most flexible one? Is a yearly policy best? Or a short term one from a site like www.carinsuranceforonemonth.co.uk ?

How to find  better insurance

The answer for most people is to get the widest choice possible via a price comparison engine but can you trust them? Certainly most of the major car insurance comparison sites are owned wholly or partly by insurance companies and the government has been sufficiently concerned about their impartiality that it has launched a wide ranging review of them. The company we link to, above, is completely independent however and is fully authorised by the Financial Services Authority which provides a great deal of consumer protection. You can get quotes from smaller and more specialist insurers, who may be able to offer better terms, as well as some of the largest insurers in the UK and you can see the individual policy details too so that you can make sure that they suit your purposes before making a decision on which one to buy. Special offers are often available from some insurers, particularly in you are a new client, so you can sometimes get an excellent policy at a much reduced price (at least for the first year) but you usually need to grab these whilst you can because they don't usually last long.

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